Competition Results!


We’ve had a couple of external shoots over the last few weeks and the results are in. Congratulations to the following Archers of Greenwood members:


State & National Indoor (18th & 19th August)

Daniel D. [Male, Intermediate, Recurve]: 1st State & 1st Nationals
Joanna M. [Female, Cadet, Compound]: 1st State & 4th Nationals
Brandon M. [Male, Junior, Recurve]: 1st State & 2nd Nationals
Stuart Pilcher. [Male, Open, Recurve]: 3rd State
Cayden M. [Male, Cub, Recurve]: 2nd ?


State Field (1st & 2nd August 2015)

Jack L. [Male, Cub, Compound]: 2nd
Tom H. [Male, Cadet, ?]: 1st
Joanna M. [Female, Cadet, Compound]: 1st
Rob McLeod [Male, Veteran, Compound]: 3rd


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