May Committee Meeting


A number of topics were discussed at the committee meeting on Thursday 21st of May.

  • Archer’s Diary.  It was discussed and moved that Archers of Greenwood would adopt the new Archer’s diary app functions provided by Archery Australia.  Steps are now being implemented to set this up and make available to members of the club.
  • New club bows.  As the current club-owned bows are very dated and pose a possible safety risk. It was moved by our Equipment’s officer that the club investigate and replace the bows as needed.  We are in a position to do so, and this movement was approved.  Quotes for replacement bows are being sought and the process of upgrading to new bows has begun.
  • Clout. As the original volunteers for hosting the clout are no longer able to host, it was suggested that Archer’s of Greenwood host the clout this year. It was agreed that we would put our hand up to volunteer for hosting. If this goes ahead, we will require members to help out with set up, scoring and other odd jobs, to ensure optimal running of the clout.  Dates are still to be confirmed.
  • Club grounds. Liaison with the school is still ongoing, with negotiations pertaining to possible storage for the club on the grounds.  Reminder that club grounds can not currently be used after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • AGM. The 2015 AGM has been scheduled for [date to be confirmed by webmaster].  There are a number of positions that will definitely become vacant (including President and Secretary) due to end of tenure.


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